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Everyone deserves qualified and compassionate help when they are facing their dark moments. Since 1984, we have been there to help put positive outcomes within your reach.

At Kennedy Law Firm, PLLC, we offer our clients representation that is backed by a level of skill and experience that truly sets us apart. When the difficult times come, you deserve to know that your attorney can actually help you no matter how challenging your situation is. Attorney Kevin Kennedy founded our firm in 1984 and has continued to build a highly effective legal team that you can depend on when things seem at their worst.
Yankey Law Group, PLLC
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Nashville, Tennessee

The Yankey Law Group, PLLC is a comprehensive Immigration Law Firm dedicated to the practice of all aspects of U.S Immigration and Nationality law. We assist both individuals and employers across the United States and around the world with their immigration needs. Because immigration Law is governed by Federal law, we can handle all your immigration cases/petitions wherever you live in the United States.
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