Food enthusiasts will have a taste for food, wherever they go. And food enthusiasts are found among us in large numbers. There are many people in India as well as abroad, who like food that is made in regional styles. Some states like Rajasthan and Gujarat have special cuisines made especially in the regions of the state. When people visit these states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab, it becomes extremely difficult to resist the mouth watering delicacies that are prepared in the eateries, restaurants and even the homes. People who are native to these states can tell the exact formula of cooking of these delicacies. But, it is the charm and the taste of these food items, which can never be forgotten by people.

It is not uncommon to find the Gujarati restaurants in India in different parts of the country. In small and large cities you can find such restaurants that make exclusive Gujarati dishes. Similarly, when people go out of Rajasthan, they can find the Rajasthani restaurants in India serving the food items from the state, so that people do not find it hard to get their favourite delicacies. Punjabi restaurants in India is perhaps one of those regional based restaurants which are found in almost every corner and are liked, not only by people from Punjab, but also by people from every corner of this country. The culture of Punjabi food is so interesting and made in a manner that suits the palate of every Indian. It is a very common sight to see the Punjab Da Dhaba in most towns of the country.

Gujarati Restaurants:

* Gujarati restaurants in India can be easily found in many cities, where the restaurants have a mixed preparation. They are not named as exclusive Gujarati restaurants, but still prepare various items that are common to the culture of Gujarat.
* Some of the Gujarati restaurants in India found in different parts of the country are Suruchi restaurant in Delhi, Gujarat Bhojanalaya in Hyderabad, etc.
* Most of the food in Gujarat is vegetarian but offers a wide range of items with speciality on sweets, tiffins, farsan or side dishes and a variety of bread items.

Rajasthani Restaurants:

* Rajasthani restaurants in India, which are notable are Orchid restaurant in Bangalore, Rajasthani veg thali in Pune, Panchavati gaurav in Pune, Roomali with a view in Bangalore, Aadarsh Annapoorna restaurant in Mumbai and many more across the country.
* Most of the food is cooked in milk or ghee, providing the richness to the items. Major dishes served in the Rajasthani restaurants are Daal baati, tarfini, panchkoota, chaavadi, lapsi, kadhi, boondi, etc.

Punjabi Restaurants:

* Throughout the country, one can taste the Punjabi cuisines as Punjabi restaurants in India are spread evenly.
* These restaurants serve the non-vegetarian food items and variety of chappatis and roti, which have been the staple diet of Punjabi cuisine.
* People can enjoy to Punjabi food, whatever region they belong to, thus making these Punjabi restaurants in India quite famous.

One of the favourable factors for the foods of these regions is that the Rajasthani, Gujarati and Punjabi restaurants in India are found everywhere. It is because of the delicacies of these regions being very tasty and a variety for every occasion, that such food items have satisfied the palate of every Indian.

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