The danger whether minor or grave to the body is just one step away. It can happen during any time of the game or training- you may pull a muscle or tendon, or may end up with sprained ankles or tissue injuries. These are in fact, some of the most common sports injuries. Fortunately, there is a cure for these common sports injuries like sprains, aches and pains. These can be avoided and healed using sports tape. Let’s have a look at how to choose the right sports tape and how do they help?

How Does It Help?

Most of the sports tapes that are available in the market are made of cotton which is highly absorbent and at the same time remains impervious to sweat and water. These tapes work by keeping tendons and muscles firm thereby protecting them from unnecessary strain. These tapes also prevent chafing and hold the equipment in place like foam, splints and other gear. Sports tapes are mainly used to prevent additional damage to current injuries by minimizing muscle movement. They are particularly used on the feet, hands, wrists and fingers which are the most vulnerable areas for athletes.

Selecting The Right Sports Tape

Now let’s talk about how to choose the right sports tape because it is a competitive industry and various varieties of tapes are available. There are two most common types of tapes:

Rigid Sports Tape

Elastic Adhesive Bandage

In Australia, Rigid Tan tape is most commonly used for providing support to the joints such as shoulders, ankles and knees. While EAB is particularly used where muscles are involved like fingers, hands and thighs and sometimes their combination is used depending on the injury. Footballers sometimes use rigid tapes of various colors to match their uniforms.

What to Look While Buying a Sports Tape?

A sports person’s ability to perform also depends on sports strapping. A sports tape must have all the elements required in a good and effective sports tape like flexibility, breathability, ease of applying, correct adhesion and supportive strength. Unfortunately, price is not of the prime importance because many of the available high-priced sports tapes are marketed very well but not quite support what they claim. The best way would be not to fall prey to marketing gimmicks and price and try various kinds of sports tapes and choose the best based on:

* Breathability
* Support
* Ease of use
* Sports tape adhesion
* Right price- it’s a bonus!

To conclude, selecting the right kind of sports tape is necessary as it can make or break you (no kidding!). That is why it is crucial to choose a sports tape that provides good air circulation (it should be porous) while remaining water and sweat resistant. There are sports tapes that are non-porous but it would only be better if you avoid them because a tape’s efficacy depends on its ability to hold and breathe. Strapping too tight can also cause injuries, so make sure the adhesion is good enough.

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