Afrofuturistic Visions: Dreamscapes of Sicasso

As an abstract artist, Sicasso has always been drawn to the world of color and form. Growing up in a small town, she spent her days creating art in any medium she could find, never fully realizing the potential of her passion until 2020. That year, she took the leap and turned her love for art into a journey of entrepreneurship, leading to numerous opportunities such as being featured on the local news and creating murals all over Nashville. Through her art and her creative talent agency, Siiik Agency – Captured by Sicasso, she has had the pleasure of networking with a diverse group of business owners, spreading light and love through her unique form of self-expression. Her abstract work reflects her dedication to capturing the beauty of the world around her, and her agency serves as a platform to help other creatives shine their light and take their talents to the next level.


Nashville artist Sicasso talked about the idea behind her AI-generated artwork installed in the Frist Art Museum lobby and elevator, and Samaria Jones, Frist Art Musuem’s Student Curator explained why she selected Sicasso to be this year’s featured artist in the installation. The Frist Art Museum presents Afrofuturistic Visions: Dreamscapes of Sicasso, an installation celebrating African American culture and history is on view at the museum through July 20, 2024. Installed in the elevator just inside the Frist’s Ninth Avenue entrance adjacent to the Grand Lobby, under the direction of student curator Samaria Jones. Afrofuturistic Visions is the second installation conceived through Project Uplift, an internship designed to offer a student or recent graduate from a historically Black college or university in Nashville an opportunity to curate, design, market, and develop a program for an installation featuring a local artist of color. Go to for more information.