When you plan to run an online business, it is essential to understand the critical phenomenon that surrounds the internet. Do you keep blogging or are you focusing on something else, I mean building sites?

Initially, many people worked on creating continuous blog posts to keep readers coming back for more information online. However this type of working is played out and readers do not have the time or inclination to spend hours trying to find interesting content. Nowadays there is an influx of bloggers trying to come up with free information that is interesting and worthwhile. Not everyone visits these sites to scan through the content.

It is not all that easy today to capture the interest of readers as there are too many people introducing blog posts. Readers are hard pressed for time to scan each of these blogs.

Using The Blog To Promote Your Business Is No Longer The Way To Go

The ROI investment is going to drastically reduce if you attempt to continue with the blog posts in order to get customers to engage themselves in a relationship with your business. New bloggers know the difficulty of trying to get visitors to their websites. Those who already have a regular stream may continue to make some profits that may just about justify their efforts.

Many readers are looking to pay for the information they get online as this will get them to view the essential business news.

So are you still working hard trying to monetize your blog through Google Adsense? It is even worse if you are doing so. I can tell you in my experience, Google Adsense is like stealing your money in your pocket when you post your blog in some famous blogging platforms, which share your profits from Google Adsense with them. Why? Because Google Adsense will appear on your blog without even seeking your prior permission. So the blogging site and Google Adsense take the advantage of your blog. If you haven’t opened the account with Google Adsense, you are not able to make any money even these ads are shown on your blogs. But these Google Adsense ads still display on your blogs without any of your agreement.

If you are smart, you will sit back and ponder on the money Google Adsense is making by just using your website to earn revenue. The lion’s share of the work which is getting readers to the site is done by you!

Why Drive Traffic Away from the Site?

It is not a good idea to drive traffic away so that they look at other websites for similar information. Place interesting banner ads that concentrate on your niche. These banners may be the bait that draw customers to your site and retain their interest to your advantage. Invite readers and get them interested to your product rather than sending them out to look for other products.

Your banners on the specific niche will draw the right amount of visitors which in turn will increase your revenue.

Blogging Is Not For Those Who Are Making Lots of Money

If you take time off to examine the modus operandi of successful marketers online, you will note that most of them have the same thing in common. They do not spend time writing blog posts nor do they communicate on social media working sites such as Twitter. They prefer to spend time sending emails to clients when they wish to sell their products.

It is time to move with the times and use the resources available online. Focusing on building authority sites is the way to go instead of spending time writing blog posts which may not attract enough visitors. This is a great way to build up your revenues and ensure that you come out a winner in the long run.

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