Frist Art Museum Showcases Groundbreaking Afrofuturistic Artist Sicasso

The art world is buzzing with news that Wanderlust magazine has named the Frist Art Museum’s powerful new exhibition “Afrofuturistic Visions: Dreamscapes of Sicasso” as one of the top museum shows in the entire country for 2024! This incredible recognition is very well-deserved.

best museum exhibitions across the USA in 2024

I was lucky enough to visit the visually stunning installation located in the Frist’s breathtaking Grand Lobby atrium. Stepping into the space, I was completely transfixed by five massive vinyl prints of Sicasso’s mesmerizing digital paintings enveloping the walls around me.

These abstract landscapes posit Black figures, rendered in exquisite detail, within vivid dreamscapes bursting with kaleidoscopic color. Flowing patterns, cosmic imagery and regal spiritual symbolism pay tribute to iconic African American culture past, present and future.

Sicasso’s painterly execution is absolutely remarkable. She utilizes AI art generation technology to construct layered collages, seamlessly blending elements of futurism, mysticism and 1970’s style. As a Nashville native herself, you can feel Sicasso’s hometown pride and personal passion coming through in every brushstroke.

While wholly original, her aesthetic also represents Afrofuturism at its finest. Black resilience, confidence, and triumph shine through against psychedelic backdrops. This young artist only 24 years old possesses immense wisdom and technical skill well beyond her years.

The Frist smartly positioned this exhibit to highlight emerging voices and provide visibility to dynamic young artists of color. Along with celebrating Sicasso’s obvious talent, this recognition from Wanderlust celebrates the museum’s commitment to showcasing marginalized communities.

I cannot recommend visiting the dreamy worlds of “Afrofuturistic Visions” highly enough. This is clearly one of the most exciting and socially impactful museum shows in America right now. Do not miss your chance to experience Sicasso’s imagination before the exhibition closes Aug 11, 2023–Jul 28, 2024 | Grand Lobby Elevator Frist Art Museum

When: 11 August 2023-28 July 2024,

Enter a surreal and psychedelic world at Music City’s top art museum with this exhibition dedicated to Afrofuturism, which combines the Black experience and ideals of freedom and liberation with concepts of science fiction and technology. The installation is the work and vision of Sicasso, an abstract artist whose bright, dream-like paintings celebrate African-American power and beauty.