In order to prevent joint and muscle injuries especially in hand and ankle areas, strapping with an adhesive tape is very important. Sports tapes for injuries are must haves for every athlete or for anyone indulging in sports. Taping is also quite effective during early stages of injury and rehabilitation. With a strapping or adhesive tape in place, the recurrence of any injury is very unlikely. Various sports make use of sports tapes to avoid injuries; such as Karate involves taping of foot to prevent injury.

Adhesive tape can often be found strapped across athletes” bodies to avoid injuries like sprain or any muscle or ligament tear. These sports tapes also prevent further occurrence of any injuries. Most vulnerable areas are hands and ankles in sports like basketball, football, baseball or soccer. An increasing number of athletes related to these sports are opting for strapping tapes.

Need of Sports Tape

The role of sports tape is to limit the movements of an affected area or joint in order to prevent further strain or abnormal movement. It should also offer support to the affected muscle or joint. Strapping and Taping are just some of the skills one must have when working in the field of sports or physiotherapy. These techniques go a long way in preventing injuries as well as healing them. When strapped correctly, they will ensure that the probability of next injury is reduced significantly.

The Sports tapes for injuries are found to perform the following:

Lower recurrence of injury
Reduce severity of the injury to the muscle/ ligament
Provide support while limiting further bending and stretching

Types of Sports Tapes

We specialize in all kinds of sports tapes and sports strapping like elastic adhesive bandages and zinc oxide tapes.

There is a wide range of sports tapes available in the market such as EAB, zinc oxide tape and cohesive bandage. The zinc oxide tape is a rayon tape or made of cotton with an adhesive based on strong zinc oxide. It offers a very high level of support for joints by immobilizing the joint. When used properly, it will save you from any twisting of the knee or ankle.

The EAB of Elastic Adhesive Bandage is versatile as compared to Zinc Oxide and allows some stretching lengthwise. This is basically used at places where the ratio of support and flexibility has to be controlled. In sports, it is extensively used by Rugby players for additional grip. Furthermore, Athletic Tear Tape and Tear Lite EAB are lighter versions of the EAB. These cohesive bandages stick to themselves and do not pull out hair upon removal. These are tearable with hand as they are made of lightweight material and can be used as lifting tapes for holding the icepack in place. The cohesive bandage sports tapes can also be torn by hands and due to their rubbery coating, they do not need any adhesive as they stick to the skin on their own. These tapes are ideal for hairy areas or allergies.

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