You know what time it is? March madness time! The greatest, most thrilling, and lucrative thing to watch on television all year. Have you been following all year? Do you have your ncca mens basketball picks yet for march madness? Well if you don’t…You need to seriously start doing some research and coming up with your winning picks.

There is nothing like entering your local march madness pool at work and winning! You impress them with your ncaa mens basketball tournament predictions. It is more than just winning first place in the pool; your pride, dignity, and self-respect is on-the-line. If you were bragging all year how good you are in the march madness tournament and know your ncaa ods of winning out of 64 teams and you give yourself a total let down your ego will be deflated.

Let me give you a little piece of advice. Do NOT pick all number one seeds to go to the final four. The last time just 3 number one seeds went to the final four was in 2001! March madness is not like daily nba picks where it is EXTREMELY predictable, you have to live on the edge of your seat and take risks.

You need to take smart college basketball favorites to use in your march madness pool or brackets. You need to read in between the lines for example, if you see a 12 vs 5 seed match up and the 12th seed has potential of crushing the 5th seed, more than likely it will indeed happen. Or that 15th seed beating the number 2 seed a few years ago? Remember Iowa State going down? It happens all the time that’s why it is called march madness. It is were Cinderella teams are born. Remember George Mason? They made a name for themselves going to the final 4 a few years ago? I bet you didn’t have them in your bracket to go to the final 4 that year? Well I did!

I study ncaa mens basketball picks ritually, at least 5 hours a day. All trends, statistics, injuries, location, etc… to come up with the best picks. I play more for a constant stream of incoming, then as a hobby. I have a love for the game and by far march madness is the best time of the year. The college basketball odds of winning all 64 games are slim to none, well if you do there are plenty of sites willing to pay you over a million dollars or more.

If you do a little research, planning, studying, and praying you may be on the road to winning millions of dollars. Anything can happen, especially in march madness. Throw the ncaa odds out the door for number one teams winning it all, more than likely it is going to be a number 4 or 5 seed coming from know where to snatch the title. Should I say Syracuse? They had such an incredible run. If you are a sports fan, march madness is seriously what it is all about!

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