Cuts, scrapes and abrasion are very common sports injuries and so are muscle or joint pulls. In fact, they are so common that many of us ignore them hoping they would heal on their own or sometimes a band-aid comes to rescue. For more serious ones amongst us (who actually know that injuries can hamper your performance) we do have a solution to for the everyday problem of pain and reduced performance. Sports tape!

Sports tapes are any kind of tapes designed that can be used on any part of the human body to provide a support to muscles, joints, bones or any other structure within the body. Our sports tapes are best in Australia (You’ll see why) and can provide substantial amount of support to the body thereby helping you in preparing for competitions and treating many sports related injuries.

Why Use Sports Tape?

Using sports tape has various advantages for the injury prone area. One of the primary uses of athletic tapes is to support joints and make them resistant and rigid against strains. Commonly taped joints are wrist and ankles as these are the most vulnerable joints in any sports activity. The tape keeps these joints immobilized and helps keep users from bending or pressurizing these joints in a manner that could cause further damage. Sports tapes are also used to immobilize fingers in sports where finger injuries are common. For taping, standard white tape is commonly used. But a pre-wrap can also be used so that the tape doesn’t stick directly to the skin because let’s face it- it hurts to pull this thing off!

Why Buy From Us?

With so many options available across Australia, why should you choose us? For these simple reasons:

Selection: We carry a host of sports tapes in various sizes. You name it, we have it! We offer lowest prices and highest quality brand name medical supplies across Australia.

Wholesale pricing: What’s even better is that we offer you the comfort of wholesale pricing. Further discount is offered to schools, clubs and practices. To know more, you can drop in a mail to our wholesale team.

Shipping: if you want your sports tapes to reach you as soon as possible with no additional shipping charges, we are the ones you should contact. We sell in bulk and provide free delivery. Once you have placed an order, it will be processed within 24 hours. No matter what the size of your order is, we will have it delivered.

Satisfaction: we stand behind everything we sell here and this is why we focus so much on customer satisfaction. If you are dissatisfied with the product ort ordered a wrong size, we would be glad to arrange for a refund or replacement. You can also send them back to us. The mode of payment is also flexible and you can pay through credit cards, bank deposits or PayPal. And this is precisely why we claim to provide you the best sports tape in Australia.

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