What better way to buy sports tape and yet save money? Buy wholesale sports tape and save. The more you buy, the more you save. When you buy sports tape from us, you end up saving nearly 20- 30% of the original amount as compared to other brands. The money you save can be used to buy new equipments and coaching staff or more sports tape. And no, we do not comprise on quality if that is what you are thinking. We make sure that we provide you high-quality sports tape your players deserve that offer the highest level of adhesion and support to their tendons, muscles and joints. So, do not compromise on health of your players with cheap sports tape of incompetent pharmacies that cannot stand the high impact demands of sports and players.

Pain No More

Sore muscles, tendons or joints can be quite painful and reduce the efficiency of your training or workout. But with our sports tape you will never have to compromise and these tapes will endure the toughest of workouts. These sports tapes are exactly what you need to keep you pain free and supported at places you need support. These tapes will stay in their place and will stick through the harshest of conditions including pool, shower or humidity. They do not come off from sides like other tapes. These tapes are engineered to support you in the harshest of weather conditions. With their strong adhesive, they can out last just about anything.

Tape Advantages

Our tapes are not only long-lasting but will provide support and help in recovery. Athletic tapes were developed to fulfill various applications but their chief usage was protection of the athlete and recovery from sports injuries. These tapes are strong, lightweight and supportive and allow body to move yet preventing further strain to the affected joint or muscle. These tapes can easily be applied and removed in case of an injury due to their construction (web-like) as it breaks or tears easily when pressure is applied at the edge. Nowadays, many people can be found using these sports tape along with other kind of pressure sensitive tape as ankle and leg wraps. However, many such tapes with plastic packaging pose a challenge upon removal. This hampers the process of tending to injuries that require immediate action. But our tapes are completely safe and provide safety where such cases are to be considered.

1. They are ideal for places where strong fixation of non-occlusive dressing is required.
2. These sports tape offer labor and sport protection and industrial packaging.
3. They are ideal for fixing dressing.
4. With their strong adhesives, they fix very firmly and provide suitable supports.
5. Convenient to apply and easy to remove.
6. They have reliable adhesives and excellent compliance along with low sensitization and no residue glue.
7. Guaranteed support and usage period
8. Allows the skin to breath with its good air permeability; low skin irritation.

Buying in wholesale will only save your money and you will not have to compromise with quality at the same time.