We Should Tax Junk Food And Stop Advertising It To Kids
What do you do with a problem like unhealthy foods? After all, junk food is easily available, it's cheap, and it's advertised harder than other kinds of foods. It's also (usually) delicious. How can you fight that? "Children are bombarded by …
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Arizona Advances Bill To Spend Millions Each Year Putting Photos On Food
When an Arizona lawmaker asked his colleagues to support a bill radically curtailing access to food stamps in their state this week, they agreed. But only on the condition that he ditch almost every piece of his proposal. Rep. Justin Olson's (R) bill …
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USDA chief criticizes Maine food stamp policy
USDA chief criticizes Maine food stamp policy. U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack assails the LePage administration's push to deny childless, unemployed adults food stamp benefits without first helping them find employment or job skills.
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