The villain in your fridge: 5 ways to avoid food poisoning
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 48 million Americans — 1 in 6 people — get sick from foodborne illnesses each year, with 128,000 hospitalized and 3000 dying from consuming contaminated food. In reality, the numbers …
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Food scarcity caused by climate change could cause 500000 deaths by 2050
The effects of climate change on food production around the world could lead to more than 500,000 deaths by the year 2050, according to a grim new study. Climate-related impacts on agriculture could lead to an overall global decline in food …
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Stillwater parking tickets can be paid with food donation
Stillwater drivers can avoid paying parking tickets with a donation of nonperishable food items to the city's “Food for Fines” program this month. The food will be given to Valley Outreach — just in time for the Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign.
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