Art allows a culture to communicate its ideas and values to future generations. Tiling, weaving, border decoration, and other such systems allow cultures to survive and propagate themselves. Dictators and autocrats have attempted to control the creation and display of art since the beginning of history. People are easier to control if their artisitic horizons are narrowed to the rulers’ preferences. Art allows people to express meaning through craft, and potentially lets them share nontrivial insights about the world around them.

Art is sometimes thought to include only certain groups of people and to exclude others. Art is frequently held to be a plaything of the wealthy because of the time required to pursure artistic endeavors and the cost of obtaining them. But art allows anyone to experience emotions and thoughts, because it now includes not only the artist’s ideas but those that the viewer brings to the artistic work. It can be used to educate, propagandize, control, and convert people to new ways of thinking. This is effective because art uses our automatic responses to biological stimulation in novel ways.

Art is something that stimulates an individual’s thoughts, emotions, beliefs, or ideas through the senses. It is also an expression of an idea and it can take many different forms and serve many different purposes. Art is the best way I have of figuring out what the world is trying to show me. Art is a learning and a teaching process, said Beuys. Its not an elite activity reserved solely for experts ” its a part of everyday life, and its human nature to be creative.

Artist holds freedom of expression, and the viewers the liberty of interpretation. Contemporary art longs for the communication between spectators and artists. Artists like Nara and Aya Takano use children as a subject in almost all of their art. While Nara creates scenes of anger or rebellion through children, Takano communicates the innocence of children by portraying nude girls . Artists like Frida Kahlo and Damien Hirst are considered to be artists by the artworld under Dickies definition, but they are classified under different subsystems of art. Dickies art theory makes it possible the works of two very different artists to exist under the same heading of art, as well as much of what surrounds us in our everyday life.

Art is used by some therapist and is known as art therapy. In the end the goal is to heal through creative art.

Art isn’t a frivolous diversion, but an absolute human necessity. Art represents how we see our world and how we tell others about the world we see. Art is integral to the experience of being human. These are the reasons I gifted my children with books about great artists like Dali, Pollack and Picasso.

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